FREE WEBINAR: August 19th, 2021
Learn how to use a free GPS tracking app for precision farming
August 19, 2021 – 4 pm CET
Why should you join?
The adoption of precision farming technologies increases farm productivity by 20% in the first year, but how to implement these technologies? On the 19th of August, we will guide you through the tractor GPS navigation app to help you make a smooth transition to digital field management.

We invite you to attend a free webinar about our GPS tracking app for progressive farmers who:
  • are interested in smartphone-based innovations
  • are looking for new, more efficient ways of conducting business
  • want to learn new things about farm mapping and navigation patterns
  • wish to collaborate with other farmers globally
  • care about the future.

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What will you learn?
📍 Discover the smartphone-based tractor GPS app
  • Explore navigation patterns that suit your field geometry
  • Get tips on how to work with GPS/RTK receivers
  • Learn about the app’s field management capabilities with simultaneous synchronization on different devices

A few words about the FieldBee tractor GPS navigation app:
350.000+ downloads
1726 feedbacks on Play Store
4.4-star reviews

What's other say about FieldBee

3000+ satisfied customers worldwide

“Easy to use and allows you to save your field information. I recommend this app for all kinds of uses. I.e. Fencing, landscaping, seed and fertiliser calculations...”
Phill Grimes
“Really good app does exactly what you need when seeding, spraying, fertilising and more. Easy to use.”

Loukas Drosos
Spend 30 mins of your time now and start your app-based precision farming.
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