FREE WEBINAR: June 11th, 2021

FieldBee Innovative tractor GPS system

Reliable. Super accurate. Affordable
Smartphone-based professional solutions for your tractor

Why should you join the webinar?

You are a farmer who:

  • runs a farm, work hard, but see that it is not efficient enough;
  • stuck in the day to day operations and don’t have time for business development;
  • do things old way but have a feeling that can improve it with technologies;
  • want to have more free time and energy for things that matter more.

Why should you come to the webinar?

  • To know how the FieldBee tractor GPS system works
  • To hear about advantages and disadvantages 
  • To discover what is the price of the FieldBee GPS system and why is it so low
  • To see if this system meets all your needs
  • And if it is compatible with your tractor.

Spend 30 mins of your time now and make all seasons after - easier.

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Netherlands and Ukrainian based company, already 6 years on the market and 6000+ clients all over the world.

Modular system that is easy to install and fits almost any tractor

Ultimate 1 cm accuracy at much lower costs

2 years warranty

Excellent customer service with a lot of experience in helping farmers worldwide remotely set up and adjust their systems.

Manufactured in the EU and North America. Same autosteer controllers that are used by Claas, Mueller-Elektronik, Ag Leader, TeeJet and others.

Our goal is not to sell but to make farmers happy!

What's other say about FieldBee

3000+ satisfied customers worldwide

“There were many small hurdles that I was able to overcome quickly and easily with the great help of the FieldBee team. No matter what and when something happened, they took care of me and helped me in every situation and at all times.”

Markus Rechsteiner, 


“It was very interesting for me and for my coworkers to test the FieldBee. It is definitely a cost-effective tractor navigation solution. If it is stable, it will be a valuable help for us in fieldwork.”

Gregor Holland, 


“Buying FieldBee was the best decision in my life. No, actually marrying my wife was the best, and buying FieldBee was the second best” Getmany, mech autosteer”

Jan Lausen,


FieldBee Customer success team

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