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DEMO TOUR: FieldBee invites farmers and partners for the test drive in Germany.
DEMO TOUR: FieldBee invites farmers and partners for the test drive in Germany.
Come to see FieldBee tractor autosteer in action. High precision at an affordable price.
Come to see FieldBee tractor autosteer in action. High precision at an affordable price.
When: September 18
When: September 18
Where: Baden-Württemberg
Where: Baden-Württemberg
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At this event, you will:
See the FieldBee Autosteer system in action and be able to go for a test drive.
Learn through practice how to achieve 1 cm accuracy with the free SAPOS RTK signal
Find out what field operations you can perform with an autosteering system
Meet Other Farmers Who Are Already Using FieldBee
Ask our team of specialists any questions about FieldBee products and precision farming in general
18 September (Location: Baden-Württemberg)
One-on-one test drives with farmers and partners
You can see how the system works and experience its accuracy
Installation workshop
We will explain how to install the FieldBee autosteer system
Who is this event for, and why should I attend?

For farmers

  • Those who need to achieve high accuracy up to 1 cm in fieldwork
  • Who would like to know how to work with the free SAPOS RTK signal
  • Who want to know how to reduce their costs by 30% by using autosteering
  • Who are interested in increasing their efficiency by using the tractor's mechanical hands-free steering system
  • Who would like to discuss the real experience of using this system in fieldwork with local farmers 

For partners 

  • Who already work as dealers or distributors of agricultural machinery
  • Who are searching for a supplier of affordable autosteering solutions
  • Who are potential distributors interested in alternatives to expensive, high-end autosteering solutions
  • Who want to see how the system works in a field
  • Who want to meet farmers who are already using this system
  • Who want to get to know the FieldBee team

Feedbacks from customers
3500+ satisfied customers worldwide
“Buying FieldBee was the best decision in my life. No, actually marrying my wife was the best, and buying FieldBee was the second best” Germany, mech autosteer”

Jan Lausen,


"I was very happy with the precision. I mainly use it for Top dressing lime ànd fertiliser. It is very useful for ongoing calibration of the application rates as the job progresses."

Tom Cyster,
“It was very interesting for me and for my coworkers to test the FieldBEE. It is definitely a cost-effective tractor navigation solution. If it is stable, it will be a valuable help for us in fieldwork.”

Gregor Holland, 


“There were many small hurdles that I was able to overcome quickly and easily with the great help of the FieldBee team. No matter what and when something happened, they took care of me and helped me in every situation and at all times.”

Markus Rechsteiner, 


“Have recently started using FieldBee for field records as well as guidance for fertilizer spreading and tillage. It is a replacement for an older guidance system that i have used for a number of years. For these functions FieldBee is a superior product”

Gary Nelson,


“It is a very good solution at an affordable price. You can use it on every piece of equipment in combination with your smartphone or tablet. It is easy to move it from one machine to another because you don’t have to remove a lot of cables.”

Lieven Dewaele,


September 18, 10:00 a.m.
September 18, 10:00 a.m.
Lautertalstrasse 4, 89584 Ehingen-Unterwilzingen
Lautertalstrasse 4, 89584 Ehingen-Unterwilzingen
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