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FieldBee receiver gets RTK correction from local RTK signals and base stations. It provides ultimate +-1 cm accuracy at much lower costs.


Manufactured in the EU and North America. Same autosteer controllers are used by Claas, Mueller-Elektronik, Ag Leader, TeeJet, and others. 2 years warranty.

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Our Customer Success team has a lot of experience in helping farmers worldwide remotely set up and adjust their systems. Our goal is to make farmers happy.


  • Get hands free parallel lines driving

  • With the highest accuracy

  • Do more with no stress

  • Save up to 30% of your costs

  • Pays back from 10 Ha


  • Easy drive straight parallel lines 

  • With less overlaps and missing spots

  • Work at night and low visibility

  • Save up to 10-15% of your costs

  • Ideal for farmers with free local RTK signal providers


Super high accuracy of 1 cm with FieldBee RTK receiver. Suitable for any field operation

Modular solution. Easy start with the app, then upgrades to manual guidance and autosteer system

High-quality products. Manufactured in the EU and North America

Affordable price. Save costs on the terminal, RTK signal, and mediators

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Customer Success Team

What's other say about FieldBee

3500+ satisfied customers worldwide
“Buying FieldBee was the best decision in my life. No, actually marrying my wife was the best, and buying FieldBee was the second best” 

Jan Lausen,


“I was very happy with the precision. Bearing in mind I don't need to be very accurate since I mainly use it for Top dressing lime and fertiliser. It is very useful for ongoing calibration of the application rates as the job progresses.”

Tom Cyster,


“It was very interesting for me and for my coworkers to test the FieldBee. It is definitely a cost-effective tractor navigation solution. If it is stable, it will be a valuable help for us in fieldwork.”

Gregor Holland, 


“There were many small hurdles that I was able to overcome quickly and easily with the great help of the FieldBee team. No matter what and when something happened, they took care of me and helped me in every situation and at all times.”

Markus Rechsteiner, 


“Have recently started using FieldBee for field records as well as guidance for fertilizer spreading and tillage. It is a replacement for an older guidance system that i have used for a number of years. For these functions FieldBee is a superior product”

Gary Nelson,


“It is a very good solution at an affordable price. You can use it on every piece of equipment in combination with your smartphone or tablet. It is easy to move it from one machine to another because you don’t have to remove a lot of cables.”

Lieven Dewaele,


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Our projects are on time and within budget. We provide all the required blueprints and floor plans and closely supervise their implementation. All your ideas and wishes are meticulously taken into account. You will definitely be on top of the world!


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